Present days are becoming stressful and busy, that we don’t find time to indulge in physical activities like exercises, sports, and yoga. It is undeniably true that physical and mental health go hand in hand. Both should be sound enough to lead a healthy and happy life. Let the new year, 2019 be an eye-opening year for people who remain idle most of the time and those who desperately need a change for their emotional and physical wellbeing. Not just one or two, physical activities have innumerable benefits to offer. Let us comprehend those here.

•    Regular, simple physical activities like a short walk after a meal, jogging and stretching exercises helps to improve mobility, strengthens bones and muscles. Women, in particular, should get moving as it reduces the premenstrual symptoms to an appreciable extent.

•    Obesity is becoming a matter of concern, irrespective of age and gender. Excessive weight is the root cause of a broader range of complications. Exercise is the only way to melt off the stubborn trans fat and to get back the slimmer you.

•    As we know, physical activities are good for the limbs. However, they are great for enhancing the functioning of the brain and fine-tuning attributes like learning and intelligence.

•    Moderate exercises release the hormones, endorphins, which are natural pain killers and pacifiers.

•    Anxiety, mood swings, and irritability are inevitable in everyday life. A suitable exercise regime is the soul saver, which keeps you fresh, calm and focused.

•    Physical activities keep your blood pressure and heartbeat rate in control, thus taking you far away from issues related to the heart.

Apexhealthandcare has more to say about the necessity of staying physically and mentally fit. The modern lifestyle and changing environment have put our health at stake, making physical activities vital to preserve mental and physical well-being.