Are you a frequent traveler?  (or) If you are planning for a family vacation this post is for you.  Read on to know how to stay safe on the road in 2019:

  1. Car safety:  Ensure that the car you use has all the safety provisions in perfect working condition- Seat belts, child lock, airbag etc.  When you hire a cab check all these before starting the drive.  You can avoid accidents easily when the car is in good condition. Moreover, when the ride is comfortable you can be free from back pain.
  2. Insurance:  Have sufficient vehicle and medical insurance coverage.  If you are traveling across borders, ensure you subscribe for the suitable policy with wider coverage limits.  Read and understand the policy terms fully.
  3. Apps:  Download a few apps to show routes/nearby doctors/hospitals.
  4. Kids:  Keeping the kids engaged during travel is challenging.  Boredom makes them try naughty and unsafe activities while traveling.  So, carry games/toys during travel.  Check out Doodlebuckets for a wide range of kids entertainment.  Do not buy bad quality food leading to digestion issues.  Stock nuts and few snacks.  Ensure that the kids consume water from safe sources.  Carry sufficient bottled water.  Avoid food that causes allergies.
  5. Violence:  Research on the local situation before visiting a place.  Know well about road safety conditions.  It is better to avoid local areas which are frequently prone to theft and violence.  Also, avoid lone routes which are prone to such incidents.  Keep first aid box in hand so that you can immediately attend injuries.
  6. Emergency contacts:  Have a list of emergency contacts.  Do not store entire money and credit cards in the same baggage.  In case you have any health-related emergencies, you need money and emergency contacts.
  7. Medicines:  Carry the regular medicines you consume.  In addition, carry handwash.  Ensure that the kids clean their hands before having food.