Ten Healthy Eating Tips for Kids 2019

With the rigorous marketing strategies adopted by various brands in consumer goods and the easy accessibility of unhealthy snacks, getting kids to eat healthily is difficult. But if the whole family cooperates in this process then kids can be taught healthy dietary habits that would help them all their life.

  1. Adding more color to the plate can be the best way to get kids attracted to what they eat.
  2. Creativity is another trait that helps parents. There are food cutters that help you make your food presentation skills kid friendly. You would be able to find plenty of inspiration if you visit StarWalkKids website.
  3. Find interesting ways to keep the kids hydrated. Have timers set and bottles marked to encourage consumption of the required quantity of water every day.
  4. Make snack time fun by figuring out ways to get the little helpers to contribute their share. It is alright if the kitchen gets messy as long as the whole family eats healthy.
  5. Do not skip breakfast even when you are busy because your body needs breakfast and because your kids are watching you.
  6. Listening to their cues can encourage healthy eating in kids. Do not always insist on completing what is on the plate.
  7. Small frequent meals are better than larger portions consumed thrice a day.
  8. Ensure that your kid completes the last meal of the day several hours before going to sleep. This would ensure better digestion.
  9. Avoid sugary snacks and sweets in the evening as these can make the kids feel active and disturb their sleep as well.
  10. Do not give up feeding a vegetable simply because the child seems to hate it. Stop when the child refuses and introduce it again after a few weeks. You could also try a different recipe to make it work.