Websites like LuxTime make it easy to access global fashion. You would, therefore, be able to flaunt your unique style and make heads turn. But when it comes to the daily use purse and bag it is not just the style that matters. A good bag is one that can keep your valuables organized and also feel comfortable to carry. Here are some signs that you are perhaps loading up your bag too much. Carrying a heavy bag frequently can lead to a lot of troubles with your back and neck.

  1. You constantly find marks on your shoulder which is left by the shoulder strap of the bag. Light indentation can be the result of carrying the bag for too long. But reddening of the spot and itchiness caused by sweating in that spot can all be indicative of carrying a heavy bag.
  2. You constantly have troubles with your bags losing their straps. Broken straps often might be due to too much load in the purse.
  3. Besides the strap giving away you might also notice that your bag gets old and damaged too soon. If you have a good quality bag that is also known to be long-wearing then the damage is mostly due to the excess load.
  4. Headaches are also known to be the bitter consequences of carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder for extended periods of time.
  5. In some extreme cases, the walking style starts changing when the weight of the bag is pulling your shoulder down.
  6. Feeling numb in the shoulder or hands can also be caused as the heavy bag is blocking the healthy blood flow on your shoulders.
  7. Heavy bags can lead to a variety of different ailments like neck pain, backaches, and shoulder pain.